See Gorgeous Photographs of Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel at this Singapore Exhibition

Famous American celebrity photographer Mark Shaw will be holding a first time exhibition in Singapore featuring iconic photographs of Audrey Hepburn, Mademoiselle Chanel and Pablo Picasso. The exhibition will be held at Leica Galerie Singapore, which will showcase 20 of his most famed prints, all captured using a Leica M2.

The exhibition takes place from January 15 - February 29 at Leica Galerie Singapore, #01-18 Raffles Hotel Arcade. Admission is free.


AFTERGLOBE calling for writers and artists

AFTERGLOBE is a Singapore-based independent art and literary travel magazine, self-published once a year. Their Issue 3 is calling for submission now and the theme is Adventure.

Extract from their website:

We all have the stories we ache to tell - our ears perk up during conversations about travel, listening for the name of that place. These places we speak of with a mix of excitement and longing, knowing that the opportunity will never present itself again. Ouryou-should-have-been-theres. Our I-don’t-know-how-we-survived-thats. Fought a shark? Navigated a warzone? Hitchhiked across continents? These are places we describe in clichés because nothing else quite works; places we loved for the experiences we had.

And then there’s the less literal kind of adventure; these aren’t quite as adrenaline-inducing, but involve risks of another kind. Took a year off to explore painting, said ‘yes’ to that plate of unidentifiable substance? You find yourself in places least expected, in the most astonishing situations, with the most random people.

What’s your story? Tell us in any printable format.

Do read about the submission guideline here

“When Marnie Was There”: the last Studio Ghibli’s movie?

If u never heard of Studio Ghibli, it is the legendary Japanese animation studio that produced Laputa: Castle in the SkySpirited Away and Totoro(just to name a few). It is well-known how Ghibli and it co-founder and master story-teller Hayao Miyazaki manage to create so many outstanding film that make u want to cry and smile at the same time. I really like the music from his film too, especially Laputa : Le Chateau Dans Le Ciel from Castle in the Sky and Always with you from Spirited Away. Both by Joe Hisaishi. Unfortunately, ever since Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement in August 2014, the studio had been quiet since then and rumour of a last Studio Ghibli feature film had been around for a long time and here came “When Marnie Was There“.  If “When Marnie Was There” is their last movie, the reason is enough for me to purchase a ticket in the cinema.

Sebastiao Salgado: "I have travelled to the dawn of time."

After reading Sebastiao Salgado’s latest book “From my Land to the Planet“, I guess i have to catch this one “The Salt of the Earth“, directed by his son Juliano and German director Wim Wenders. Sebastião Salgado has created some of the twentieth century’s most iconic photography. From war zones to famine, genocide to exodus, Salgado has documented many of the world’s major events of the last 40 years in crisp black-and-white pictures. He’s also won countless prizes, including being named last week as a Master of Photography at Photo London 2015. I will highly recommend to any photographers out there to read his book as u will find a lot of inspiration and comfort in one of the greatest social documentary photographer and photojournalist in our time.

Extract from the book(Looking death in the face):

I have always tried to show people in all their dignity. In the majority of cases, they are the victims of cruelty, of events. They are photographed at a time in which they have lost their homes, seen their loved ones murdered, sometimes even their own children. For the most part, they are innocent people who do not deserve the misfortunes that have struck them. I took these photos because I thought that everyone needed to know. That is my opinion, but I don’t force anyone to look at them. I am not here to lecture or to set my conscience at rest by arousing feelings of compassion. I took these images because I had a moral, ethical obligation to do so. In such moments of suffering, you may ask, what are morals, what are ethics? It is when I am faced with someone who is dying and I have to decide whether or not to release the shutter of my camera.

《看见》— 柴静





二零零八年五月,北川杨柳坪村。我们送文超的牛奶,他倒在矿泉水盖里,用手指着畏这只小描。它细得连路都很难走,村里的人都说它活不了,孩子说他也这么想, 但他想养活它,”它也是一条命啊”。

那个父母双亡的十岁孩子,最后一次偷窃,他分了一千多块,回来都给了小时候养过他的老人。采访完我们留了些钱给村里人照顾他,走了几步,我回身把这孩子叫到们后,给了他一百块钱。 “你知道阿姨为什么给你钱?” 我轻声问。”
“知道。” 他底着头,”因为我可怜。”