Both Side, Now

A very interesting community engagement project called “Both Sides, Now” touched on the sensitive topic of death; what it means to live well and leave well.

One of the highlight of the engagement is a participatory performance called the “Last Dance”.

Last Dance takes the form of a gathering 100 days after a man’s passing, where his wife and son ask questions about death, life and memory, and try to seek closure in the process. Through dance, shared stories and open conversations, Both Sides, Now aims to bring the community closer to understanding the plans we need to make, and the legacies we want to leave behind.

Beside the performance, a group of Chong Pang’s very own elderly has spent the past year exploring the idea of personal legacy, through art making workshops by four artists Alecia Neo, Han Xuemei, Jasmine Ng and Shirley Soh. The resulting artworks, through which the elderly share their thoughts about living and dying, will be exhibited around the neighbourhood.

Both Sides, Now is presented by Lien Foundation, Ang Chin Moh Foundation, Drama Box and ArtsWok Collaborative, in collaboration with Yishun Health and Montfort Care Goodlife.

Unfortunately, by the time you read my post, the exhibition will be over by then but do head to their website to find out more about Both Sides, Now and their future programme.