“When Marnie Was There”: the last Studio Ghibli’s movie?

If u never heard of Studio Ghibli, it is the legendary Japanese animation studio that produced Laputa: Castle in the SkySpirited Away and Totoro(just to name a few). It is well-known how Ghibli and it co-founder and master story-teller Hayao Miyazaki manage to create so many outstanding film that make u want to cry and smile at the same time. I really like the music from his film too, especially Laputa : Le Chateau Dans Le Ciel from Castle in the Sky and Always with you from Spirited Away. Both by Joe Hisaishi. Unfortunately, ever since Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement in August 2014, the studio had been quiet since then and rumour of a last Studio Ghibli feature film had been around for a long time and here came “When Marnie Was There“.  If “When Marnie Was There” is their last movie, the reason is enough for me to purchase a ticket in the cinema.