AFTERGLOBE calling for writers and artists

AFTERGLOBE is a Singapore-based independent art and literary travel magazine, self-published once a year. Their Issue 3 is calling for submission now and the theme is Adventure.

Extract from their website:

We all have the stories we ache to tell - our ears perk up during conversations about travel, listening for the name of that place. These places we speak of with a mix of excitement and longing, knowing that the opportunity will never present itself again. Ouryou-should-have-been-theres. Our I-don’t-know-how-we-survived-thats. Fought a shark? Navigated a warzone? Hitchhiked across continents? These are places we describe in clichés because nothing else quite works; places we loved for the experiences we had.

And then there’s the less literal kind of adventure; these aren’t quite as adrenaline-inducing, but involve risks of another kind. Took a year off to explore painting, said ‘yes’ to that plate of unidentifiable substance? You find yourself in places least expected, in the most astonishing situations, with the most random people.

What’s your story? Tell us in any printable format.

Do read about the submission guideline here